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Spanish or Catalan home stay with a difference!
Stay with a qualified Spanish or Catalan Teacher and family, learn Spanish or Catalan everyday and cultural visits in Barcelona!
Total immersion, learning Spanish or Catalan in Barcelona!

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Your Stay


Staying with your Spanish or Catalan Teacher and family will immerse you in the everyday life, culture and traditions of Spain and Catalonia. Our courses are Full Board which means you spend every meal time with your host family. Also, discover the food and participate in family activities. Meal times are one of the best opportunities to socialize with  your host family, speak Spanish or Catalan and learn more about Barcelona. You will take Spanish or Catalan classes with your host teacher and go on 2 cultural visits a week with them. All in all, spending as much time as possible with your Spanish or Catalan Teacher and family will ensure you maximize your opportunity to learn as much Spanish or Catalan as possible in Barcelona.


We carefully select our Spanish or Catalan host teachers' family homes where you will stay. We insist that all of our accommodation is checked before you arrive. We monitor your Spanish or Catalan stay with the host teacher and family through periodic visits and feedback from students. We make sure that the accommodation is in safe neighborhoods with a pleasant atmosphere. We monitor the quality of your Spanish or Catalan learning experience in Barcelona. We take full control of all quality issues and check that the Spanish home where you stay, the food and the overall service is of an appropriate standard.


The Spanish or Catalan home stay that you book will be available from the Sunday afternoon before your course starts until the Saturday morning you leave.


Please let us know if you wish to arrive earlier or depart later so that we can change your accommodation booking accordingly.


This is the most personalized and efficient method to learn Spanish or Catalan in a short time end enjoy your time in Barcelona.

Student Arrival (and Departure)

You leave your country behind, you arrive in Spain and your Spanish or Catalan family immersion adventure begins as you are picked up by one of our friendly teachers from the airport.


You will be met at the airport by the Spanish or Catalan Teacher or host family who will then accompany you to their home, where you will stay. For your own safety and to make sure there are no travel problems, you will also be taken back to the airport when you leave.

Both you and the teacher will be given photographs of each other and have copies of personal details, including telephone number and flight details in case there are any travel complications.

What to Expect from Your Host Family

“Staying with a Spanish or Catalan family in Barcelona is a great way to learn the language and make new friends.”


You will be part of the household, join the family on numerous occasions for social and cultural activities. The price includes Spanish or Catalan classes, full-board family accommodation, teaching material and 2 cultural visits per week. The study programme is specially adapted to satisfy the student's requirements and objectives. Our Spanish or Catalan Teachers try and keep the home classes fun and dynamic during your stay.


Apart from Spanish or Catalan classes and cultural visits there is also time for activities and free time.


All families and teachers are carefully selected by us and they look forward to making you feel at home during your stay in Barcelona and help you learn Spanish or Catalan.

  • You will have your own room in the family's house.
  • You will have your own set of keys so you have complete freedom (over 18's only).
  • Full Board (3 meals a day).
  • Towels and linen are provided.
  • All tax, electricity and water charges are included.
  • You can receive telephone calls.

Please inform us about any dietary requirements.

What Your Host Family Expects from You

"What you learn in class you practise with your host teacher out of class."


You will be part of real Spanish or Catalan home life during your stay. This experience will improve your command of Spanish or Catalan. It is logical that you will have to adapt a little to the habits of the family, but you will be able to enjoy their friendship and yet, on the other hand, be independent.


“The best way to learn a foreign language is to go to a foreign country”


Many people think that living in a foreign country means you learn the language, but this isn't true. Many immigrants, after living in America for 20 years, still do not speak a high-level of English. This is why our philosophy of "total immersion" plus Spanish or Catalan classes with a qualified teacher and family will give you a boost to your level of Spanish or Catalan and your confidence in speaking Spanish or Catalan. Spending as much time as possible with your Spanish or Catalan teacher or family will give you the exposure that you need to the language and culture.


In reality your host family expects very little from you. You must follow the house rules and have a genuine interest in finding out about the Spanish or Catalan culture that you are experiencing and learning about in Barcelona.